How to deal with stubborn neighbours

How to deal with stubborn neighbours

Dealing with your neighbors is not an easy task. In fact even after trying your level best to be nice to them and co-operate with them all your efforts might be in vain. If your neighbor is stubborn and refuses to co-operate with you, in that case you need to take a strict action so that your neighbors are forced to comply. Following are the steps that you could take to make your neighbors co-operate with you.

Complaining to your landlord: It is advisable that you should try to solve all your issues on your own. But when your neighbors refuse to co-operate, in that case you should call the landlord and complain because the landlord of is the prime authority in this situation that can solve your problem. That is why it is the best to keep your case in front of him and request him to intervene. Chances are that this will annoy your neighbors but at the same time there is a chance that the issue might be resolved when the landlord himself talks to your neighbors. There are several issues that keep on arising in apartments in NC and landlords intervene several times to solve them.

Calling the police: When your neighbors are excessively indulging in destructive actions, in that case the only option you are left with is to complaint to the higher authorities. You could call the police and inform them of the destructive actions of your neighbor. For example if they are being loud and making a lot of noise and refuse to co-operate, in that case you could complain to the police so that the issue can be resolved. Several cheap rentals in Charlotte have had such cases where dispute between two neighbors was settled by the police. So you could use this option if others don’t work out.

The law: Find out if your neighbors are doing something or anything illegal. An illegal action can involve underage drinking, violation of barking laws and making noises above acceptable limits. If you find any of their actions as a destruction of law you could threaten them that you would take legal action if they do not stop. This undoubtedly would piss off your neighbors but at the same time, they will get an idea of how much their actions are disturbing others and, who knows, they might as well change!

When all the above mentioned things fail the last and the only option that is left with you is to take legal action against your neighbor. But before you do that you should ensure that your neighbor is not only a nuisance for you but also for other people living in Charlotte apartments. Also if you take legal action you have to make a strong case in front of the judge in court against your neighbor. So it is advisable that if you are taking legal action you should do that only if you have sufficient evidence and proof against your neighbor. You could also hire a lawyer and explore the various other options that are available to you. If you cannot do without your neighbor’s cooperation and it becomes impossible for you to live your everyday life as a consequence, only in that case you should take such a strict and huge action against your neighbor.